eSTUFF INFINITE Super Soft USB-C to Lightning Kable MFI 2m Hvid – 100% Recycled Plastic

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INFINITE Super Soft USB-C to Lightning Cable to Cable MFI 2m White – 100% Recycled Plastic

Sustainability: The cable is made from 100% recycled GRS* Certified TPE. The packaging is plastic free and is made from FSC paper printed with soy ink.

Durability: The cable is extremely durable. It is equipped with full laser-welded reinforced connectors and can withstand more than + 35.000 180° bends. The added Kevlar gives the cable a pull strength of +50 kgs.

Ultra Flexible: Due to the super soft material the cable can be bended and twisted endlessly and still remain untangled.

MFI Certified: Ensuring complete compatability and superior performance with all Apple devices using a lightning connector

* GRS = Global Recyle Standard

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